second life


Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Shenzhen Second Life Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., founded in Shenzhen at the beginning of 2012, is the executive director unit of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce. It is a well-known sculpture all-around company in the soft decoration field. In the spirit of innovation, Second Life participates in the sculpture design, development and customization of commercial space, office space and commercial real estate projects. Maintains long-term strategic cooperative relations with the major soft outfit designers and developers in the first line.
Second life technically equipped with the original sculpture research and development of high-end product customization design and deepen the service design team, gathered a number of 3 d and 2 d designer, adhering to the international professional perspective, focused on creative by the industry wide praise, at the same time on hardware, second life is also equipped with 20000 square meters of products in Guangdong province professional production base.
In Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center, a famous professional market for soft decoration in China, Second Life has two direct exhibition halls for sculpture experience, injecting original art into sculpture works, and integrating with the common development of the city. Second Life is among the best in the sculpture industry in terms of scale, professionalism, production efficiency, product quality and service quality.

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