September 10 -13,2024


Founder's Message

DESIGN OF DESIGNERS (abbr. DOD) was born 10 years ago. The subject words of this project are design, display and transaction.
In recent years, the design works of DOD designers have become more and more mature and closer to the market. More importantly, the design led by DOD is accepted and practiced by more and more exhibiting companies of Furniture China.
The transaction of DOD has two meanings. First is the sales of design works, and the second is the transaction of design service, to make the designer's works become the product design of furniture manufacturing enterprises.
If the first ten years of DOD is the "foundation" of independent and original Chinese furniture. The second ten years must realize the integration of designers into enterprises, brands and even into the materials and production process.

Mingliang WANG
Founder of DOD
Founder & Director of Sinoexpo Informa Markets

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