New Layout,
Greater Market

The 2020 edition of Maison Shanghai keeps exploring the essence and neo modern lifestyles in the home decor field. Besides basic products of home furnishings in Life (Hall 1) and Fancy Home (Hall 2) , the fair newly introduces home appliance and smart interior accessories in the Hall 4 namely Customize for Future , echoing to current home fashions keen by the younger generation.



  Hall 1 / Modern Life
Residential and home decorations in the spotlight.
- Interior & Lifestyle Brand
- Carpet
- Fragrance
- Decorative Painting
- Home Furnishing
- Floral
- Art Crafts & Sculpture

  Hall 2 / Fancy Home
A space that is extraordinary cozy, stylish and yours.
- Lighting
- Gift
- Bedding
- Tableware
- Outdoor Accessories
- Home Textile

  Hall 3 / Creative MAX
Design Value Cultivation and Commercialized.
- Design of Designers (DOD)
- Creative Home Decorations and Objects
- Designer Works
- Interior Hi-tech Innovations

  Hall 4 / Customize for Future
In fashion, and exceptional cool.
- Interior & Lifestyle Brand
- Home Interior Design
- Constructive Raw Material
- Home Furnishing
- Smart Home Appliance
- Overall Interior Customization


Featured Exhibition


The Stage For Designers

Carrying forward for 8 years, DOD has been successful in delivering a list of original brands such as "ZIIN", "WUSHE", "YIMEI", "LETII" and "TIWU", as well as an array of young and gifted designers known as ZHAO YUN, LI PEIXIN, FRANK CHOU, CAI LIECHAO, LI XIMI, to name just a few, who receive recognition of the industry through the DOD Design Show.
In 2020 edition, Design of Designers will stick to its root to create a vibrant design community for young and talented designers, helping them stay connected with the pulse in the global furniture and home interior markets. Original Chinese design force are keen to shine on at the fair.


Design for Designers

Advocating design essence in originality against blindly copy and paste; empowering design innovation.

  Young by DOD
Aiming to bring up young designers under the age of 35 and aspiring starter-up design studios.

  DOD Forum
Stay interactive for communication with design masters for brilliant ideas and creative cooperation.
#Fresh Design Concepts
#Inspired Spatial Utilization
#New and Exciting Collaborative Business