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Xian Ren Zhang

27.05.2019 16:35

H2 F02

Taizhou, China Lighting

Chuangbang as the business entity of the online brand “Mr. Cactus”, provides customers with high-quality lamps and professional lighting design service. In addition to ensuring the security of every user, we are committed to bringing personalized lighting services to more families. We hope that more and more people can enjoy the joy of life brought by lighting. In Chuangbang, service focuses on customer experience. With the improvement of our service, we keep trying our best to create a humanized and convenient shopping experience for customers. Chuangbang, founded in 2015, has cooperated with many international brands, such as TUMI, BALENCINGA, Breitling and Givenchy. By providing high-quality lighting design and lamps for them, we have established a long-term stable relation of cooperation with our partners.