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According to the announcement released by CAAC on July 20, to ensure healthy and safe international travel and mitigate the risks of cross-border transmission of COVID-19, passengers taking flights bound for China are required to present their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests before boarding. Specific arrangements are as follows,

1. Chinese and foreign passengers on China-bound flights shall complete COVID-19 nucleic acid tests within 5 days before boarding. Tests shall be carried out in facilities designated or recognized by overseas Chinese Embassies or Consulates.

2. Chinese passengers are required to take photos of and upload their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests using the international version of the health QR code mini program on WeChat.

3. Foreign passengers should apply with the Chinese Embassies or Consulates for the Health Declaration Letter with negative test results of COVID-19.

4. Relevant airlines are responsible for checking passengers’ health QR codes and Health Declaration Letter before boarding. Passengers will be denied boarding if they fail to meet relevant requirements. All airlines shall strictly follow the checking procedures.

5. Passengers who provide false documents and information shall undertake corresponding legal liabilities.

6. Chinese Embassies will carefully evaluate the nucleic acid testing capabilities of the countries of their residence and issue specific implementation measures as appropriate.

According to the latest epidemic prevention and control policy in Shanghai, all inbound passengers arriving in Shanghai are required to,
- undergo 14-day centralized isolation and observation
- receive nucleic acid tests

Please take it into account when making the itinerary.


CAAC, GACC and MFA Public Announcement on Presenting Negative Results of COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Tests before Boarding by Passengers Taking Flights Bound for China


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