September 10 -13,2024

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, XIMU Co., a cultural and creative producer founded in 2016. The company was formerly a furniture mill with 20 years’ experience in the industry and a team of qualified engineers and efficient management. The departments of R&D, purchase, production and marketing formed an organized unity of the company and guaranteed the prompt fulfillment of large orders. It has been playing a leading role in its field and has earned a good reputation both home and abroad. In early 2016, this craftsman team, collaborated with young designers from China Academy of Art, created Yikaogong, an original furniture brand dedicated to designing, producing and sales. The brand name Yikaogong originated from Kaogongji (Book of Diverse Crafts), which recorded craftsmen’s examination in the pre-Qin period (221BC). The core idea of Kaogongji : ” the year has seasons, the ground has spirit, materials have beauty, craftsmen have skills”, was regarded as the aesthetic classic of ancient Chinese people. This was based on the system theory of creation — creation should be adapted to the season, the weather, the earth and the atmosphere; the material should be good; the craft should be exquisite. Yikaogong is a tribute to the spirit of craftsman as well as inheritance and innovation of our cultural tradition — plain and simplicity. “With best timing, at suitable location, using qualified material, applying exquisite skill, that is what makes the fine product”.

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