September 10 -13,2024

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“Hongxi Decorations”



The Hongxi brand inherits the invaluable experience and artistic essence of countless ancient ceramic craftsmen, and boasts a team of international top designers and excellent management. It has created many legendary masterpieces in the history of ceramics that offer a completely new sensory experience. Mr. Yu Rijiong, the founder of the Hongxi brand, established the Colorful Ceramic Factory in Hong Kong in 1988, with its main products being exported worldwide. Art knows no boundaries, and the inheritance of techniques from both Eastern and Western civilizations is the best crystallization of art. Hongxi collaborates with renowned designers from France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and other countries to design, research, and innovate together, forming a product style with rich regional artistic characteristics from both East and West, showcasing the pinnacle of ceramic art. The main style of Hongxi brand products is predominantly characterized by materials such as antique porcelain inlaid with copper, and copper-wrapped painted solid wood furniture, making them the best choice for hotels, clubs, villas, palaces, and residential homes. Hongxi will continue to pursue excellence and create lasting value for customers, striving for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

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