September 10 -13,2024

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Shenzhen Dongzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on October 9, 2003. In the process of globalization, the company is dedicated to export business. With the diligent and united team, proactive initiatives, it has earned long-term cooperation and trust from foreign customers. Companies like VCF in the United States, STANDA in Canada, MASTERCRAFT in Italy, and MONTRY STYLE in France have all become loyal partners of our company. In recent years, in response to the national call for “selling globally, buying globally”, and based on a thorough understanding of foreign markets, the company has rooted itself domestically. It has introduced high-quality and cost-effective products from abroad to meet the growing demands of the domestic consumer market. Some imported goods of the company are designed by European and American designers, processed by strong overseas manufacturers, sourced directly from foreign manufacturers. After the goods are imported into the country, the company’s team conducts secondary quality inspections to strictly control quality, aiming for steady progress and continuously presenting high-quality and cost-effective products to domestic consumers.

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