September 10 -13,2024

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Studio NooSH was founded in 2020 by Dutch interior design expert Kim Duker and French entrepreneur Stephanie Sallette. Our vision is to inherit the craftsmanship and traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures in our designs. In today’s world full of uncertainties, we aspire to create warm, story-filled, and beautiful homes for you. Our design at Studio NooSH is an elegant reinterpretation of the French art of hospitality. Our linen collection ensures sustainability and environmental friendliness, divided into two series: bedding and tabletop arrangements. The core of Studio NooSH lies in linen tabletop products, bringing innovation while adhering to tradition. We offer personalized customization based on different tastes, styles, and needs. Linen, as a natural material, is suitable for daily use. With a rich product range, Studio NooSH provides solutions for various themes, interior spaces, and tabletop arrangements, whether classic or modern styles. Linen, as a material long used in home decor, provides the perfect medium to express the DNA of a space.

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