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Heilongjiang Lanyi Carpet Group Co., Ltd. Established in 1982, Heilongjiang Lanyi Carpet Group Co., Ltd. has adhered to the principles of “people-oriented, integrity, brand, and innovation” for over 30 years. As one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of handmade latex-backed carpets in China, the company leads the industry in production technology and product quality. Our company is recognized as an advanced enterprise in quality and efficiency within the national textile industry, a national user satisfaction engineering advanced unit, and an integrity demonstration enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. It has also been awarded the National “May 1st” Labor Certificate. Chairman Mr. Sun Baoku, a recipient of the National May 1st Labor Medal and an outstanding representative of Chinese private entrepreneurs, has accompanied former Premier Wen Jiabao and current Premier Li Keqiang on official visits abroad. Our “Mulan” series products utilize various production techniques including hand weaving, electric weaving, machine weaving, and hand embroidery. Using pure wool, blended fabrics, acrylic, silk, and other materials, we can produce handmade latex-backed carpets, tapestries, hand-embroidered mats, and car-specific rugs in any specification, pattern, or color. The latex-backed carpets come in styles such as Beijing style, floral, classical, freestyle, and plain relief, with newly developed classic, elegant, and floral series based on customer demand, characterized by luxurious elegance and excellent texture. Our premium latex-backed tapestries draw extensively from traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, and other artistic fields, featuring landscapes, figures, flowers, birds, historical stories, and international themes, forming unique styles and series. These tapestries are ideal for conference halls, hotels, and office buildings, exuding luxury and grandeur. Our patented hand-embroidered mats feature simple, bright patterns and fresh, vibrant colors. They are loved by users for their high quality, affordability, and ease of cleaning. Additionally, our flocked and jacquard mats are not only fashionable and elegant but also provide a natural, refreshing feel. All leading products have been rated as Heilongjiang Famous Brand Products and National User Satisfaction Products, with several holding national patents. In both domestic and international markets, our products are symbols of quality and reputation, earning widespread acclaim from users worldwide. The company is ranked among the “Top 100 National Commercial Science and Technology Enterprises” and is one of the national information technology demonstration projects for the “Carpet Digital Management System.” We possess a strong product development team and a skilled workforce of carpet weavers and flower trimmers with over ten years of experience. We can perform customized designs according to customer requirements and guarantee the shortest possible production and delivery times to meet your needs. Our business philosophy is “Quality Wins the World, Integrity Credibility Across the Globe,” and our corporate spirit is “Scientific Thinking, Solid Work, Pioneering the Future.” We have established a standardized and effective quality assurance system, committed to providing enthusiastic service and exquisite products to consumers, ensuring their satisfaction—a promise the company will always uphold!

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