September 10 -13,2024

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From a single carpet, transform your life. Youli Carpets, an independent brand known for modern home carpet designs and global sourcing, was founded in 2012. Integrating international production and supply collaboration, independent design and development, and innovative retail, Youli Carpets is dedicated to one mission—designing and developing home carpets worldwide. “Let your home reflect your taste.” Youli Carpets combines the wisdom of generations of Chinese carpet artisans, aiming to uncover the beauty of a quality life and weave products that stand the test of time. Not only does it offer a wide range of carpet products for all home scenarios with global premium carpet resources, but it also continuously explores diverse possibilities. By establishing new product development centers, gathering inspiration and creativity, focusing on fiber art development, and creating internationally top-tier products, Youli Carpets perfectly blends stylish diversity with high-quality texture, earning numerous domestic and international awards. With quality and strength, make life shine. Youli Carpets is committed to becoming a world-class leader in the home carpet industry, enabling every quality-conscious user to own unique and distinctive home carpets.

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