September 10 -13,2024

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Liaoning NewFashion



Liaoning Newfashion Glass, established in 2005, specializes in the design, production, and sale of handcrafted artistic glass. The company primarily deals in various handcrafted glass vases, glass art sculptures, candle holders, chandeliers, animal figurines, perfume and aroma containers, etc. Operating with a core philosophy of design innovation, the company hires highly skilled product designers, forms dedicated design teams, and continuously innovates to bring the latest and highest quality products to customers. Additionally, it provides personalized design services to meet various display needs. The company has been recognized with several awards, including the Furniture and Gardening Bronze Award at the 2020 Canton Fair Export Product Design Competition and the CF Home Consumption Bronze Award for Design Innovation at the 2022 Canton Fair, showcasing the charm of “Made in China” to the world. With a modern office environment and a large product display area spanning 1700 square meters, the company offers a variety of display styles for customers to choose from, providing a one-stop shopping experience. Its brands include “NEWFASHION” and “Xinsuyi Artifacts”. Maintaining long-term partnerships with numerous well-known domestic and international enterprises, its major partners include hobbylobby, Lifestyle, QVC, Earthbound, kasanowa, Widdop, Gilde, Sagebrook Home, Luolai Home Textiles, Meike Home, and Qijujia Home. Today, Ningxinjing Glass has become the most influential enterprise in the field of handcrafted colored glass in the northeastern region of China. During the Canton Fair, it was interviewed by reporters from CCTV13 News Channel, affirming its innovative capabilities and becoming a new direction for people pursuing fashionable lifestyles.

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