September 10 -13,2024

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Tianjin, China

In 2015, ASOS stepped into China. With its constant product quality, advanced production techniques, high-quality fiber materials, as well as novel designs which integrated with Chinese elements, ASOS started its journey in China and gradually became a well-preferred carpet brand for its unique characteristics.
In 2023, ASOS launched a new [ASOS-outdoor] professional outdoor series of products with a more natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable design style.
Relying on strong technical strength and cutting-edge design concepts, we are able to produce carpets of different crafts, different styles and different categories. By 2023, ASOS has more than 100 series of main products and over 2000 products.
The products are made of high-quality poly propylene, polyester, acrylic, wool, Tencel, bamboo and other materials. The products offer a variety of choices in patterns, sizes and colors so that you can choose accordingly for your unique space.

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