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Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Mooya Aesthetics
Classy & Fabulous
Produce less
Design welll
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Elegance is not being noticed.
It’s about being remembered.
Lady M, the founder of MOOYA, comes from an art family. Immersed in the artistic atmosphere since childhood, she is gifted in handmade creation. During her study at University of the Arts London(UAL), she specialized in Fashion Textile, integrating her understanding of life and art into manual embroidery. Her embroidery works (including beaded embroidery works) always catch the attention of fashion textile studios in London, being especially popular with fashion people. Influenced by her life in Britain, Lady M has developed a keen interest in European interior decoration. Therefore, she founded the brand MOOYA, with her unique concept of eastern and wester aesthetics.

With her “simple but not scant, refined but not reserved” noble face, and uniqué advantages of supply chain in China, MOOYA is born with excellent performance cost ratio, which qualifies MOOY A as an excellent spokesperson of new fashion lifestyle products, to make art popular, make life fashionable.

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