September 10 -13,2024

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Yuemar Life



Yuemar Life is an innovative design-oriented small-scale company. With 15 years of experience in clock production, the company mainly focuses on creatively designed desk clocks, wall clocks, and household lifestyle products. By conducting extensive consumer trend analysis and drawing inspiration from popular home decor styles abroad, we have developed some of the latest minimalist products. These designs have garnered favor from numerous designers and individualistic consumers alike. Our products feature high-quality materials, including black gold flower marble, North American black walnut, German oak, solid copper, high-grade glass, and more. We employ sophisticated color combinations to ensure that our products exude an extraordinary sense of quality and texture even at first glance. They offer a feeling of luxury and artistry. In the future, we plan to continue iterating on product design to introduce even more exceptional products to consumers. We aim to make homes more unique with Yuemar Life’s products.

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