September 10 -13,2024





COTE NOIRE is a French fragrance brand specializing in the creation of scented candles, scented flowers, diffusers, and perfumes. Originating in 1998, its products are now sold in over 70 countries and regions. All of COTE NOIRE’s perfumes and fragrance products are designed and developed in Provence, France, renowned as the world’s best perfume-producing region. The brand’s fragrance series won the Best in Show award at the 2011 Sydney Gift Fair. After more than two decades of development, Côte Noire’s products are now available in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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GO01 - Prosperous Era Orchid - Pure and Elegant White

GO01 - Prosperous Era Orchid - Noble and Elegant Purple

MBS01 - Rose Bouquet Transparent Cup Silver Label - Bashful Pink + Millennium Red

MBG01 - Rose Bouquet Black Cup Gold Label - Bashful Pink + Millennium Red

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