September 10 -13,2024

Art & Craft

Gao Ding Jiang Xin



Gao Ding Jian Xin is a supply chain management company specializing in the independent original design of high-end solid wood storage products. We advocate equality, cooperation, learning, and progress. We develop around 50 original new products every year, always committed to using superior high-end solid wood and prioritizing health and sustainable ecology. We persistently adhere to original design, integrating research and development, design, supply, and sales to create more high-end solid wood storage products that meet the living habits of Chinese people. We consistently uphold an almost stringent craftsmanship spirit, dedicating ourselves to crafting “artworks in life”. Our goal is to become a top domestic enterprise in original design for high-end solid wood storage. Our sales channels primarily focus on distribution wholesale, supplemented by retail, with a comprehensive layout across traditional domestic e-commerce, interest-based e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, traditional foreign trade, and other channels.

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