September 10 -13,2024

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Shanghai Ouren Trading Co., Ltd. is a nationwide service provider specializing in comprehensive ceramic solutions. Established in Shanghai in 2008, the company represents brands such as “Ouwen Leisure Ceramic Tiles,” “Ferona Cement Tiles,” “Spanish LIVING Ceramic Tiles,” “Domestic Creative Cement Products,” and the company’s original brand, AGK Ceramic Tiles. AGK Ceramic Tiles has always been committed to exploring and accurately identifying the potential demands of integrated design, quickly gaining outstanding reputation in the domestic market. Based on market data, we have developed various customized services according to the characteristics of plain color textured tiles to meet the needs of more users. AGK Operations Center incorporates advanced Italian design concepts into Chinese tiles, adopting the brand strategy of “original design,” and providing users with ultimate product applications and service experiences through diversified designs. Upholding the brand concept of “more than just plain colors,” spanning the fashion and art worlds, we endow each product with unique creative inspiration and design ingenuity, providing customers with comprehensive design solutions for space using tiles. We propose the grand vision of “let every Chinese have a beautiful home” and have always been steadfast in this goal, continuously striving forward. We advocate for high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly spaces, insisting on differentiation as the brand’s strategic objective, and are committed to creating healthy and comfortable spaces with a modern artistic texture. With rich experience in engineering cooperation, our cases span across the country. Our diverse product range can meet different scenarios, including cultural and educational projects, government buildings, star-rated hotel resorts, well-known chain stores, and Grade A office buildings.

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